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A Better Artist, A Better Brand: Understands Time Management or READ These 7 Ways To Have A More Productive Day.

A More Productive Day in 7 ways

1. Get Out Of Bed Early

Yea Yea the early bird gets the worm. We already know that. It so many things you can accomplish before the rest of the world start moving. Get a good night rest and hit it early in the morning.

The Alarm Clock is Your Friend.

The sun gives us energy so we actually work better when the sun is up. Use that alarm clock to balance your day. Put the alarm clock across the room. Buy you some time and set your clock about 10 minutes fast so you will wake up right on time if you want to hit the snooze button.

2. Thinking Clearly

Ditch the negative attitude. Delete the negative affirmation from your mind. Find ways to create confidence in everything you accomplish. Today will be more productive than yesterday. Find about 30 minutes to think about your daily plan.




3. Plan The Day Ahead

It’s much harder to have the clarity you need on how you spend your time in the day when you don’t have an outline.

Create a formula of time management in others a Schedule. Your day normally can have some structure. The structure will increase your productivity. To increase your productivity, mean more goals will be accomplish. It all starts with a plan.

It only takes a few minutes each day writing out a plan of the actions to be taken, in their specific order of priority. What is most important for the next day, will give you this clear thoughts of direction. This includes the recreational stuff, breaks, work, and even eating.


Lets Dream About Your Productivity, Wake Up And Be Productive. -IKE ELLIS

The beauty of doing this the day or night before is that your subconscious gets to work on making sense of what needs to be done as you sleep too. Such ‘quick plans,’ although best regarded as flexible with an allowance for tweaking and updating, will keep you aligned and clear, each and every day.



4.Distraction-Free Work and Time Zones



As we all know, effective creative work and distractions time setting do not go well together. An inspired line may hit you at the most out of the box time. No worries, it’s vital that you be disciplined about the distractions you have coming in that are harming your ability to work properly though. Creative space should remain creative, but the other side of your brain, the logical side, the side that say 1 + 1=2 should appear frequently throughout the day. This is where the productivity will emerge. When you begin complete the simple task you will have more time for creative inspiration to occur.

When you set aside distinct blocks of time, every day, in which you do nothing other than the work you need to be doing, you’re winning.

This means blocking out email, moving away from the water cooler, music, shooing away pigeons, your phone, social media and other obvious intrusions.

Separate your self away from Facebook for just a moment to complete some real work.

You absolutely must if you want to get ahead. Not only are you distraction-free, but also you will know to be doing nothing


5. Analyze Your Goals

Getting into the habit of writing, looking over and tweaking the goals and aspirations you have has very powerful implications as to the progress you can make into the long-term.

So many times, Artist becomes lost in their goals because they forget them. Remembering why you started achieving, and how you planned to achieve them daily will constantly keep you on the right path. Having them available for others to see will also help them help you stay focus. If you don’t remember your goals, do expect anybody else to remember them for you.

If your particular goal is not being reach, ask your self why and what you can do to tweak it to become more centered in your efforts to progress.

Be a Visionary. Have a Direction in Your Goals, to Lead Anybody You Want to Follow Your Mission. 



6.Administration Time

Get your life organized. Organizing finances, fan relationship building, and studio time for recording and whatever other duties that may consumer your day is vital to your progression.

Something as simple as an hour for administration duties can catapult your career in the right direction.

So many times we see artist with songs completed but none of them posted on I-Tunes because the admin work was never completed. This makes no sense as Artist to do a song and never give the song a chance to make it due to simple administration work. Or submit to be in the SE 360 Music Festival and don’t have simple biography to promote yourself to the world.

When we set aside a clearly defined time period every day for admin, we get to it, even if we’re unclear on where to start. This means an hour or so in which you do nothing other than getting organized.

Stay within the time-boundaries you set yourself.

A large part of self-discipline is not breaking your own rules. It helps massively to have planned what you will do, the day before, in your ‘quick plan’, but even if you haven’t, setting aside this block of time will get you thinking about what you must do.



7.Work Hard, Play Hard, Work Harder, In That Order

All work and no play is no fun. That defeats the purpose of living on this earth. When your music feels too much like work with out any outlet, the creativity suffers. That is the beauty of being an artist. As nice as it sounds to think of work being interchangeable with play, and I believe creativity involves both, you’re much better off being crystal clear about time allocated to actively working, and time spent actively playing, exercising or passively relaxing. As long as the time is blocked in, it is perfectly ok.

It’s up to you how you divide the distinction. Just in the same way that you dedicate a block of time to distraction-free ‘work’ and admin activities, you’d be wise to also compartmentalize your playtime too.

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