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I Have Posters, So I Am Famous: Three Steps To Remaining Hungry

Let’s talk about fame……….

Remaining hungry, remaining focus, and executing your plan to meet your goals. We all fall short sometimes, not because  we are not talented, but more so because we can’t remain focused long enough to execute our plans.

Three Steps to Remaining Focus

1. Sit around a meditate, brain storm, think out loud, what ever it takes to get your thoughts in written form. To see your thoughts on paper helps organize all the brain waves going around in your brain.
2. Organize your thoughts until a strategic plan is developed. Think about all the problems that could happen in a specific scenario. Determine how you would solve those problems. Who can help solve those problems and why would they help you solve those problems.
3. Once the plan is organized, execute. We spend a lot of time doing everything under the moon and don’t execute what is needed to win. If a Kobe Bryant needs to get the ball in the basket, he determines his route and get to the basket. 


Spamming Don’t Work

Many times it is witnessed, artist think about their music, complete the song, but don’t map out how they are going to get there music to the people. Spamming people’s emails and Facebook don’t work. Making a poster and having an ego don’t work. It’s some leg work that’s has to be done. Network and build relationships with the correct group of people to get your music heard. Remain focused on the type of person, your target market, that will support your particular sound. Appreciate the person that supports your sound. Continue to cultivate the artist to supporter relationship. Just because you have your face on a poster does not make you famous, the supporters who post that posters make you famous. We will discuss in further details in the next topic. Hustling vs. doing business. Until then, thanks for reading and may your grind take you to your destiny.

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