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Think Of A Snow Ball When Releasing Your Next Album or Single. A Snow Ball of Impressions

A Snow Ball of Impressions.

It often takes multiple impressions before people start paying attention to a project. Whether it’s a favorite song on the radio or a band that is emerging in the blog world, it often takes several times before they take notice of a project. You have a better chance with bigger coverage if you snowball-pic-getty-images-754054352-194958you have small impressions along the way. Imagine the proverbial snowball at the top of the hill. Each time a person have an impression of your project makes a bigger snow ball. When a song drops on Facebook. When the song is seen on twitter. Then the Video is released. Next the song has small coverage in a few other blog sites. Then the same song is heard again on the radio. Next a street team is passing out flyers at a show with the same song being promoted. Finally a dj plays the song in the club. The point is each song should go through a process of promotion. Creating a small project into a large project takes multiple impressions. Each impression means a person has an opportunity to create another impression for another person creating a bigger snow ball. Your objective is to receive as many impressions on your project before it releases.


images (2)No matter how famous you may believe you are, there is always someone who  have never heard of your brand or music. Receiving the big time coverage in a magazine or major blog you have to think like a editor. You need to think like a journalist or blogger. Imagine you are NPR All Songs Considered and receive approximately 1000 emails per day. Your email just hit their inbox and they have no idea who you are. They have 999 other emails to get to that include bands they know and love. Chances are they will pay attention to what they already know over taking a chance on a artist they don’t know. Therefor you have to build your impressions in other places to receive the big time coverage your project needs to build a bigger fan base. The bigger coverage resembles the snow ball at the end of the hill. All publicity does wonders for your sales even negative publicity.

It’s common for independent artist  to record, mix, master and release their album the minute the masters come back from the studio. There are several problems with that approach, the biggest being you’re not giving anyone time to really discover you. You may have an amazing masterpiece on your hands, but with so many distractions competing for attention, you can’t just expect people to find you on your art alone.

As a general rule, if you really want to set up your EP or album release the right way and expose your music to as many people as possible, you want to work three-four months in advance. Those three months should have a map out plan of where the music and album will be placed to
earn the credibility it needs to earn the biggest snowball of coverage your project deserves.

In conclusion, always think about your promotional plan and publicity plan before you ever drop your project. You want a Snow ball of impression of your project before it ever drops to maximize any chances of it becoming popular among the masses.

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