The SE 360 Music Festival endorses the “All Black Affair Aquarius Birthday Bash” set for Feb 7th 2015 for the #1 Big Homie Choppa, Friends, and The U.D.C. Promotional Group.

The All Black Affair Bring the Experience Back To the Party! Are You Ready? 

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When an occasion emerges for seven consecutive years there have to be something special in the air. The “All Black Affair” prepares for the 7th annual event to take place Feb 7th, 2015. The event will be held at the Sportsman Night Club in Wilmington North Carolina. The 25 and Up grown and sexy atmosphere is a highly anticipated  annual event from the U.D.C. Promotional Group. Spectators from across the country are fascinated with the fruitful atmosphere conducted by U.D.C Promotional Group.

To provide a little history on the U.D.C. Promotional group, you would have to go back to 2005. The group was founded by the #1 Big Homie Patrick “Choppa” Nixon in 2005. With a host of numerous setbacks, successes, and triumphs, the promotional group has managed to stand the test of time, competition, and adversity to continue to bring a phenomenal affair with an unmatched quality. With connections across the nation, he had a vision to provide a liberated experience for himself, his associates affiliated with the U.D.C. Promotional Group and the Party Goer audiences of splendid debonair. Standing on the principle “We Made Us”,  The U.D.C. Promotional Group includes Ike Ellis, Kenya Toby, Derrick Sidbury, D.J. Pearsall, Daisha Jordan, Lyia Cerillo, and Petey. The promotional group associates with Mirror Me Media for exceptional coverage for each event; there for you must be camera ready. The following of the U.D.C. Promotional Group is so massive all the names cannot be included within this post, however rest assures the audience will be in attendance to the “All Black Aquarius Birthday Bash” Feb 7th, 2015.


This year, some special names will be in the building with more all black affairenthusiasm and zeal. “Shay Boogie” from Coast 97.3 and “Shena Jay” from K.975 will create a dynamite duo as they host the prestigious event. The dynamic Dj Deluxe out of Raleigh North Carolina will be on the wheels of steel.  Birthday celebrations for Keta Monae, Lional Loftin, Ryan James, Toni Rich, and of course the Big Homie himself “Choppa”. Happy Birthday to all the Aquarius representing from the SE 360 Music Festival.  Get ready for the time of your life as the U.D.C. Promotional Group’s events are always timeless.  Be sure to accept going to the event on Facebook and subscribe to our list as we will be sure to keep you abreast of all the Promotional Events U.D.C will have to offer you in the near future.

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