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Elements of Music Management: The Fox Hole Podcast- Episode 3

Podcast: The Fox Hole Podcast

Category: Artist Development

Topic: Music Career Management

Episode: #3

Manage Your Music Career With Effectively Techniques

Clarify Your Purpose, Priorities and Goals To Manage Your Music Career For Growth In The Music Industry

Episode #3

Yea this episode number 3 of the fox hole podcast

I am IKE ELLIS…I really don’t want to talk to much..

We are getting to the core of what really matters in the music business…. The Business

Particularly the Management of the business…

Hot song so

Dope flow so…

You cousin and them know TI girlfriend so……

None of that matters if you don’t have this one thing in order…. The business….

“Elements of Music Management”

Design Your Business Plan or Your business model

How are you going to make money?

How are you going to market your music?

Who is going to interact with you brand?

Think about your business plan before you ever make one song… can visit the public library and they have professional books on how to write a business plan….



  1. Clarify Your Purpose, Priorities and Goals
    • Understanding your self as a person helps when defining your goals…
    • Its core values in us all that determine our limits… our morals…the distance you will travel is highly dependent on you as a person…
  2. Keep Your work space organized
    • So many times a person lose contact
    • So many times a person lose verses
    • So many times artist lose prime time opportunities because their life was un organized….i fell short in this category so many times …..its no telling where I would be if I had some organization in my life…..
  3. Develop a relationship with a strong mentor
  • More than likely a strong mentor have already been down the road you are traveling. Watch out for the snakes in the game though.
  • A true mentor will be there to help you with knowledge and guidance.
  • Pay respect though, and be a sponge. Learn from mistakes and successes…


  1. Develop a powerful network
    • Analyze the types of relationships you want in your circle
    • Join at least one professional network
  2. Continue to educate your self
    • Study your craft
    • Study your art
    • Study the business
  3. Balance your personal life and professional life
    • Balance of your Emotional state comes from and great support system
    • Give to take don’t take and take and take some more
  4. Learn from all mistakes

Promote Cayenne the lion King

“Nat Turner”

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  1. Drew aka Diverse

    4 years ago

    I just want to say this is a brilliant network for artist. The podcast network has helped me tremendously as an upcoming underground rap artist, especially with developing my brand Pay Attention!!

  2. Drew aka Diverse

    4 years ago

    17 Things your business plan needs as a musician VERY HELPFUL !! I had to grab a pen because of all the valuable information !!!

    • Mike Moore

      4 years ago

      No Problem, we want to build each artist up with everything we can provide. We have more articles coming. Make sure you check the resource page and download the pdf files on all types of music industry tips for 2015. Check Here:::>>>

  3. Mike Moore

    4 years ago

    Definitely appreciate you listening