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Elements of Music Marketing: The Fox Hole Podcast-Episode 4

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Topic: Music Marketing

Episode: #4


“Microwave Marketing”

It’s no such thing as microwave marketing….to market a product takes time and strategic thought…….by time I mean time for research and preparation

and time for execution


If I had 60 dollars to buy a microwave and cook up some amazing marketing technique to magically make you a million dollars would you buy one too….?


The thing about marketing is it gets misconstrued with promotion so often… I would like to separate the two concepts……

Marketing is research and preparation


Promotion is execution of the plan that was researched…. (Repeat2x)


To Market Music or any product for that matter there are a few steps you have to take… I want to share those steps with you today……

Before I do that I want to give a shout out to a few of the sponsors of the SE 360 Music Festival….

One time for the indie cypher

One Time for V’s kitchen

One Time for

Now back to the Marketing Plan

  1. Start by Narrowing Your Scope

  • I say this because everybody can’t be satisfied, but it’s a few people that will love your product….Focus on the ones who love your product first……
  • Helps develop an emotional connection to the product, again you want to develop these type supporters first….
  • Many times I see artist promoting on Facebook with no purpose to everybody….

i would advise this after you have developed a true fan base…

  • You should have ten people you can go to outside of your family that is waiting to hear your song…
  1. Learn From the past Successes and Failures

  2. If it worked before, analyze, and use it again

  3. If it didn’t work before, chances are its not going to work this time either….

    1. for example in 2006 I spent 700$ on 2500 posters….I had good intentions of passing every one of these posters out…but it didn’t happen…by the time I got to five hundred posters posted around the cities in North Carolina ..the buzz for the cd was gone and it was time for some new music…
  4. Research Your Buyers Research Your Non-buyers

  5. Have demographic knowledge of your buyers

  6. Have demographic knowledge of your supporters (They may be different)

  7. Have extensive knowledge on how your music is being discovered

  8. Have extensive knowledge of where you audience hang out…

  9. Have extensive knowledge of other interest…

    1. Do they play ball, Do they read books…
    2. Where do they listen to music? In the Club, In their cars? The radio? I Pod? This will help you when direct traffic
    3. Having the knowledge of your non-buyers will help you also….
    4. why worry about the non buyers if they are not buying? Exactly my point you want to know who they are so you don’t waste time trying to promote them…..
    5. What Type of emotional connection do they have with your product?
    6. The consumer have to get something out of the deal other than the product itself.

    7. For example if I just played songs who would listen to my podcast. My listeners are getting extra value with extensive knowledge on branding, marketing, and artist development. I defined my listeners and I know what they are looking for from what I can provide for them as value
  10. Unique Selling Point

    1. What is different about your product that the audience can connect too?
  11. How are you positioning your brand?

Well that’s all I have for today folks…to recap its no such thing as Microwave Marketing… steps should focus on first, and expand as your marketing knowledge expand……..


You are tuned in to the Fox Hole Podcast, your number 1 place for artist development and brand management and music marketing… I am IKE ELLIS, Get with us next week for a Special edition, More strategies on promotion, more knowledge for your brain…before I go…I have to promote an artist…..who do I have today…I Think im going to play my homie E-reign…Just to give you some back ground…My man came way from New York City down to Wilmington North Carolina For the SE 360 Music Festival….Very personable person with great promotional tactics…I still have the rubber band he provided me with….just to lead you up for the topic next week of promotion….

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