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Crash With Opportunities: 3 ways To Effectively Dominate the Music Industry With Networking

How to Effectively Dominate The Music Industry With Networking

1. Put yourself in the way of opportunity!

To crash with opportunities you have to be in the mix of where the music industry people are spending their time. For example the SE 360 Music Festival had all types of individuals in the room from all over the nation. Standard music officials who could change your career for the better should be your focus. You can’t hang in the studio alone with out access to the people making statements in the industry. Real musicians are extremely busy, but the person handling the business in the industry are potentially the hardest working people behind the scenes. Catching these individuals in the streets in something you are not likely to do, therefor you have to hit the events where they are patronizing.

2. Have A Date With Success

Have a date with success when you hit these events and develop your team. If you have a significant other who like to have sex but lack ambition in life, you would leave them be correct? You cant just put people on your team just to take up space. Many develop entourages who don’t do anything but look around when the work needs to be handled accordingly.

You have to have positions and order to make the biggest impact for your brand. We have seen managers who didn’t understand the business, we seen artist with plenty of money without a lawyer to handle their legal aspect, we seen artist with producers to provide quality sound and the list goes on. Building your team starts with networking.

Everybody will not build a relationship with your brand for whatever the reason, but you can’t take it personal. You have to understand it’s business and everybody patronize for their own monetary gain. Developing the best brand comes at a price. If you pay for your cousin and them to manage your career, promote your record, and they don’t know what they are doing, you are looking for a hell date. If you build a quality relationship with a great manager who can extend your music in the right direction you are having a date with success.

3. Make Love To Your Network

Make love to your network by giving more to the network than you taking away. The business is give and take and each person can get plenty from the fruit if it’s done correctly. Frequently engage with like-minded people with the same goals of achievement. Building a brand for success is dependent upon the ability to network with the right people. Engage in different events with a purpose. Build your brand to the point people want to work with your brand and motivated to deliver your movement to the world.

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