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Secret tips on Artist Development

Preparing To Sustain In Your Music Career For Years to Come Through Artist Development and Cultivation

Preparing To Sustain In Your Music Career For Years to Come Through Artist Development and Cultivation


Secret tips on Artist DevelopmentDuring the dinosaur time of the music industry, record labels took time to seriously develop artist, until their careers were ready for stardom. This concept or ideology is now a thing of the past. We are in the microwave society where everything must be instant including your music career. The major label are already under the assumption a new artist or band has sufficient musical ability, songwriting abilities, a ready made fan base and performance ready for the masses of popular culture.

Historically, record labels had a sole department for artist development, which supported the creative edge of the artist while the company lay ground work and foundations for the artist to reach their projected potential. Can you believe it, the labels would actually stand beside an artist that may have not sold that much yet and cultivated that artist until their records sold. You can even witness the some of the 70’s rock bands on the radio until this day because of the energy and efforts applied by the record labels to actually develop the artist.

By the early to mid 90’s the labels switch their perspective of artist development to product development to meet the continuing demand of the sale strategies in the popular culture. As they seen it, we need to sell this cd to an fan, not wait for a fan to like this artist to sell their music to that fan. The artist became a product, no longer being considered a human being, but paralleled with a computer or package of food to be sold and sold fast, or at least in the respected quarter of sales. The sales needed to be made as fast as possible.

The labels needed solid hits consecutively. If the artist could not produce, you would be forever forgotten, with out any other chance to redeem your career.

Without being spoken, the competitive music business has shifted the responsibility of Artist Development towards the artist and their own team for their recognition of stardom. Executives are less likely to invest money into an artist because of talent. With that concept understood, the artist have more potential and control over their own career. Without lack of support, money, and time to cultivate as an artist, the artist naturally inherits more responsibilities in their own destiny. More control means greater responsibility for your own future.

Understanding that Artist and Product Development go hand-in-hand as the artist becomes a brand name. Recognition of the brand of an artist directly coincides with the development of their entire delivery. Artist and Product development both compliment each other, as they are two of the same form of means of consumption by the fans. When approached correctly, development of your music and your business affairs should be progressing accordingly.

Secret tips on Artist Development

This is why we developed an Artist Development Manual to further expand the minds of the latest generation. Stop thinking you need to spend all your money on poorly promoted shows to progress as an artist.
Your talent will only take you as far as your business skills allow it in the music industry. Let us show you how to change your mindset, dominate your market, and save a ton of cash in the process.

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