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Rhapsody Integrates With Twitter To Set Trends To Get Independent Artist Paid and Promoted At The Same Time

Rhapsody’s integration with Twitter

Your Twitter followers can already watch shared YouTube videos WK_Rhapsody_Twitter_AudioCardand listen to music via SoundCloud without having to leave the Twitter platform. Why promote a free song when you can get paid for a stream. The rates are very small however the streams will add up over time. If you are promoted a song any way, sharing a song anyway, you might as well get the .002 for your stream. You will have to get your music on CD Baby First before you can receive your payments. Use the technology integration for your benefit. If you are not on twitter, stop what you are doing right now and sign up. If you are on twitter start using twitter correctly as it’s more powerful than any other social media platform in our opinion due to the real time and the number of people patronizing the twitter website. Maximize every avenue to build your brand and achieve your dreams as you are destined to do.

Now you can add Rhapsody tracks to that list too!

Rhapsody announced at SXSW that Rhapsody members (both subscribers and free trial users) can now “Tweet songs to their followers using Twitter audio cards.”

Even more beneficial for the purposes of music promotion, though, is the fact that ANY Twitter user (not just existing Rhapsody members) can stream full tracks from Rhapsody’s catalog when they are shared on Twitter.

According to the announcement, Rhapsody will be the first streaming music service to offer licensed full-track playback to music fans on Twitter, ensuring “that artists, labels and publishers are paid for their work as songs are played.”

Note: you can only stream Rhapsody songs from the Twitter app. This feature does not currently work on desktop.

You want to utilize this feature to drive traffic to streams that will get you paid. Soundcloud and other free platforms are great for promotion, but why not get paid while you are promoting? Take your career to the next level with the technology in front of you and the business skills to execute your plan accordingly.

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