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You Tube Open More Doors For the Independent Artist Through The You Tube Card

You Tube Cards: The Evolution of Annotations

If you used Youtube Annotations feature to drive traffic and enhance your career this feature will be perfect for you.

Have you used YouTube annotations to enhance your music videos?


You Tube Card Feature

The new, mobile-friendly YouTube interactivity feature is great for engaging new fans while they watch your video. It will eventually replace annotations, but YouTube claims not  until the feature is fully capable of handling all the duties of the annotation. 

Here’s what musicians can do with YouTube cards?

1. Raise funds through crowdfunding AND direct fan contributions

2. Sell merchandise

3. Build your email list by linking to your website

4. Announce tour dates or new releases (again, by linking to your website)

5. Drive video and playlist views (because the more watch-time your videos encourage, the better they’ll perform in YouTube’s algorithm)

Note: there’s no “subscribe” card yet, so you’ll have to keep using annotations to specifically drive YouTube subscriptions. Otherwise, there’s always hoping that people click on your channel watermark!

Here’s YouTube’s description of the six current card types you can add to your videos today:

Merchandise card — Similar to merch annotations, merchandise cards can promote a creator’s licensed merchandise directly from the video.

(Note: since iTunes is not supported on Android, merch cards that link to iTunes will not be shown on Android devices)

Fundraising card — Similar to fundraising annotations, fundraising cards can link viewers directly to projects on whitelisted fundraising sites.

Video or playlist card — This card can link to another public YouTube video or playlist which can be of interest to the viewer of the current video.

Associated website card — Link directly to your associated website from a card.

Fan Funding card — This card lets your fans show their appreciation for your videos, by making a monetary contribution directly on the video page.

Use this feature to drive more traffic from your videos to your list to build up communication between potential fans and your brand. Thanks for reading


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