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Episode # 5 Promotion In The Ocean: Promoting Your Brand In the Music Industry

Episode #5

Promotion In the Ocean

Promoting Your Brand Affectively in the Music Industry

Welcome to the 5th episode of the Fox Hole Podcast…I am your host IKE ELLIS…. We learned a lot last episode….. we talked about this little concept called Marketing…..If you didn’t get a chance to listen…go check that out a s a p on…..

We said marketing is the planning and preparation and promotion is the execution on the plan….

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Now are you a big fish or a little fish?

Whatever market you are in there are big contenders and small contenders…small fries and big fries…but…..The small fish still have to eat…The small fish still have to roam around the ocean….your mentality have to understand this concept….if you don’t get anything else out of what im saying….understand this….

Your mentality and emotional stability will determine your grind and focus in this big ocean of contenders…. How you promote will be highly dependent on….how you understand this concept….the ocean is big enough for everybody to eat….but if you have no true understanding….you will lack what you need to succeed in the promotion game… what I am about to tell you is transferable to any product, party, business, song, album, whatever……….

Even if you are a small fish…you still have certain strengths….

  1. Write a strong description of yourself or product that highlights your strengths, and your undeniable element or unique selling point….. for example
  • Your Bio
  • Your EPK
  • Product Description
  1. Determine from your prior research who is your Target Demographic and define your Geographic market
  • Narrow Your Scope first then expand as your brand  as it will can handle it

o   What is your message?

o   Who are you going to get your message too

o   Where are they located

o   How are you going to get it to them

  1. Getting Your Message, Product, Song to the people, building your brand,

o   Press Release

o   Email Contact List

o   Personal Website

o   Social Media

o   Blogs

o   Radio

o   Touring

o   Advertising

o   Promotional Networking Events

I don’t want to overwhelm or bore you with all types of information so I am going to end it here, but you can read further into the topic of promotion on if you would like on


Do you have any sounds for them today….i  think I find a little something…lets see what we have…. I think im going to play….


Preddy Boy P today…. Just to give you a little background…Preddy boy p was across the nation but he flew in from Vegas for the SE 360 Music Festival…after recording a song with Jim Jones, hit the next flight to Miami and told me from the bottom to the top we going to chop it up next year…..and that’s where we going to go homie….check out his latest song on I tunes with Jim Jones ….called Scanners

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