On The Frontier Of The Bible Belt, The SE 360 Music Festival Embraces Sonobia Sharpless As She Prepares To Set Standards With Her Stage Play “God Can Mend On Broken Pieces” Coming In The Fall of 2015


God Can Mend on Broken Pieces

Date: November 28, 2015 @ 7pm

Location: Address:

UNCW Kenan Auditorium
601 S. College Rd.
Wilmington, NC 28403-5966


When love pours down through generations, you tend to find prominence among mankind. Through God, good taste, and dedication a company of boundless fortune began to materialize. The startup company, Hettymae Production’s started with a vision and a lot of love as Sonobia Sharpless mentions in her interview with the SE 360 Music Festival.

Sonobia Sharpless

We began to discuss her plans and we could not help but to discover the history behind the name Hettymae Productions. She explains the name came from a person near and dear to her heart, Hetty Watkins. Sonobia started her production company in the community of Maple Hill North Carolina. Furthermore, she takes the quote “God gave you the talent, now use it for his glory” and implement in her lifestyle as she prepares for one of the biggest events of her career.

This event is unique within its own regard to the Southeastern region of North Carolina. The event will be considered the first of its kind and set precedence among those in the community looking to explore this particular field of entertainment.

The event will be a stage play entitled “God Can Mend On Broken Pieces”. The stage play synopsis is as follows: Every family has their share of problems, but Hettymae’s family has a toxic situation. When her daughter Queenie decides to secretly use Hettymae’s appreciation service as a way of bringing the family together. Will her plan work? Or will Queenie get the biggest surprise of all as she attempts to show her loved ones that “God can build on broken pieces?”



Wanda Barnes


The stage play will feature an individual well known in the Gospel community by the name of Wanda Barnes. The play will also feature numerous names that are respected within their own communities such as Cyrus Moore, Camesha James, Tasha Mickens-Shepard, Angelia Hayes, Ophelia Hill, Felicia Watkins, Andrenna Johnson and Alicia Hooks just to name few.

To be a trendsetter is something we appreciate here at the SE 360 Music Festival. First and foremost we would like to applaud the efforts of Sonobia Sharpless for her professionalism and assertiveness in her quest to deliver her talents to the community. Next we would like to thank the entire cast, promotional team, and participants for bringing the creativity, hard work, and commitment towards our region. We are eagerly waiting on the day of the play which will be held November 28th, 2015 starting at 7:00pm. The people will have plenty time to prepare to purchase their ticket to support such a distinguished event. Further information on the event is provided below in the interview and on the flyer.



Hettymae Productions’ Interview

hetty mae production logo 2

Name of the Company:

Hettymae Productions

How did the name Develop? :

Hettymae Productions is named after a woman of God who was very near and dear to my heart, Hetty Watkins. Grandma Hetty “as I called her” was not my biological grandmother, but she poured so much love into the lives of my siblings and myself that we never thought of her as nothing more than our grandmother. To know her was to know the true definition of the word love. She has sown so many seeds into my life that I am watching grow today. One of the things that she told me before she transitioned from earth to glory was “God gave you the talent. Now use it for his glory!!” She encouraged me to keep on writing even when I wanted to stop. When God gave me the vision for this production company I had to dedicate it to her, her family and the legacy that she left behind. I thank her family so much for allowing me the chance to share such a precious jewel!!


When was the company founded?


What is the mission statement?

Hettymae Productions desire is to speak promise back into our communities, families, churches, and all people of this great nation. It is our hope that “we” will begin to believe again in our ability to accomplish any dreams we set forth to accomplish, love one another greater than we once loved, and build a future that is so bright that tomorrow looks better than yesterday.


What does the company produce for the consumer?

Hettymae Production is not just an entertainment company. Hettymae is a company that will give our consumers the determination to strive towards their destiny. How we will do this? By producing hope!!


What are your passions for the community enrichment?

I love people and I am happy when I see people unite together. When I was a little girl growing up in Maple Hill, NC my community was the legs that kept me standing. A community standing together has the ability to accomplish so many things. I feel strongly about bringing the love back into our communities because I feel that bringing the love back will build a strong foundation for our young people to stand on as they go forth into the purpose God has for them.


What type of experience do you all plan to provide for individuals patronizing your events in the future?

When someone listens to a song, poem, or play I have written I do not want them to say “that was good” I want them to be able to say “that helped me to go forward into my purpose.”


What type of promotional event do you plan to attend to spread the word about your upcoming play?

I plan to attend events in surrounding communities and churches in order to spread the word about “God can Mend on Broken Pieces.” I will also be taking part in some of the upcoming events as well.

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