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Are You a Brand Or an Artist? Learning Branding For Artist Development and Different Streams of Revenue To Build Around Your Brand!

Episode #10

Are You a Brand Or an Artist?

Branding Mentality of a Musician

The Fox Hole Podcast Episode # 10


Identifying the answer to this question early in your career can create positive financial situations for your business adventures with lucrative results.


The object is to develop multiples streams of income under one brand. To sell a song is one thing, but suppose you had something to accompany that song to sell on the side optimizing the amount of items a fan can buy. Am I preaching right now?

Now im going to tell you a story. I seen a lot of people doing it after I done it and I know why, the Money. I had 15 cds on a table and 10 shirts with my name on them on the table. I done a show and they only paid me 10 bucks to do the show. I did the show because I was hungry and dying to be in the middle of another type fan base.  I rocked the show and the crowd loved me. I had my merchandise table set up and I sold 15 shirts and on 3 cds…. I made 150 + 15. That was major epiphany in my mind. The people went bananas over something else other than the music.  This was a major push for understand my brand as a whole versus just hoping I can sell a song.

Your brand is your identity, every extension of yourself, from everything you do. Im not going to go into detail because I have a whole segment on brand details but I have get this in early because of it’s importance to artist development and mentality shaping.


Lets talk about 5 types of revenue streams.

1 Music Mechanical Sales

2.Events Hosting

3.Live Performances



Listen to this statement, If the people will do it because you do it, then you can earn revenue from it…..

  • For example,if your name is strong, your brand is good money, host a party, you can get paid. The promoter is making money from the event. The people are coming because your name is on the flyer. Revenue Stream
  • If it’s something that you do that requires a certain item, find a generic item online and slap your brand on it. Use the item with your brand on it in the next video. The people will buy it from you just because it’s cool….Revenue Stream
  • When your name get hot, a song playing on the radio, the people start recognizing your music, it’s time to get paid for live performances….Revenue Stream
  • Publishing is a sensitive topic but it’s a revenue stream to never over look and never give the rights away. Every song you write and publish becomes identify in your music society. BMI, ASCAP, or SESAC…which ever you prefer… I will talk in more detail about publishing but for now understand it’s big money….. Lets take drake for example….Each time his song is played on the radio, used in a commercial, played in a club, used in a movie….he gets paid for it…..

I feel like I’m preaching….do you want me to go on…or do you want me to stop…I think I will stop here…..that’s all for this episode….we on fire right now…..the money…make money from your music….develop your business sense and utilize every revenue stream you can from your brand… this point we want to shape your mentality. We will go in to full detail in later episode but for now…lets think about more ways than sitting outside Wal-Mart trying to sell my cd to people who don’t  listen to my type of music….


I want to promote Money Making D….I felt like he had his business sense together….check out his song “nada” featuring Mickey Devane

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