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Episode # 6 – The Fox Hole Podcast – Greatest Opportunity To Win Through Quality Music

Episode #6

The Greatest Opportunity to Lose in the Music Industry or Any industry

Poor Quality of Product

The number 1 reason a product fail is poor quality. In the music industry the sound quality is the one thing that separates the amateur from the professional. Poor sound quality will get your cd thrown out the window….email deleted….submission denied….when a dj play a song it has to be correct…..sonically….Sound quality can make or break a song…Poor sound quality is the greatest opportunity to lose.. I say these things for each artist to learn…..We as artist sometime hear our voice on a track and feel like we made it….we feel like we the hottest thang since the bread in the toaster….. I’m here to tell you, that if your sound quality is poor you may be talented but nobody is going to listen to your song….Learn Artist promotion technique on episode 5

If your music sound like this the entire time….3 seconds it will be turned completely off….

Ways to increase your sound quality of your music….


  1. Get a professional producer.
    1. The Internet has made it way easier to find a professional producer.
    2. We have 12 so far on the SE 360 Music Festival Directory.
      1. Become a member of the site and check their sound out. Actually the intro to this podcast was made by a producer by the name of Versatile from St. Paul Minnesota…Don’t sleep and Don’t be afraid to spend money on high quality production. This is your career as stake…
    3. Get professional recording equipment
      1. If you buy a cheap audio interface, your sound quality will be basic
      2. If you buy a cheap microphone and don’t understand sound your sound quality will be poor
      3. If you don’t know how to work your digital audio workstation your sound quality will be poor
    4. Learn How to work your equipment or hire a professional
      1. In 2007….I paid 120 for 1.5 hours of recording time from a professional studio in Carolina beach and the song was half done. After that, I told my self I am buying all my equipment so I can record anytime I want.
      2. Some invest $1000 in recording and have no budget to promote. Or you can invest $1000 in your own equipment and record project after project.
    5. Recording Environment
      1. Recording Environment should be quiet
      2. Recording environment should be comfortable
      3. Recording environment should be conducive to your style
    6. Record with consistency and purpose
      1. Consistency is key, get your projects done, and move on to the next
      2. It builds your promotable content up ready for the people
      3. Have a purpose to why you are recording other than letting someone here your music on Facebook.
    7. Clean recording helps for a better mixing experience


Recording can be the most fun part. You don’t have to deal with nothing but the microphone. Hit the zone of creativity and create great music. I want to recap on points for this podcast. ….. I’m here to tell you, that if your sound quality is poor you may be talented but nobody is going to listen to your song….and this all for artist development. As the year go on I will get in more detail about each topic, but we need more listeners….This is the Fox Hole Podcast, and I am IKE ELLIS.


Before I go, I want to drop a song and promote an artist. I think this song was recorded and engineered well. These artist was also involved in the SE 360 Music Festival. Lock N Loaded have a song call “Saturday Night” mixed in the Studio 1515 by J Reese in Wilmington North Carolina. The mix had special effects, correct amount of reverb, the vocals was clear, and the song was loud enough to hear. If I played this on the loud speakers you would be able to hear the excellent mixing expertise within the song. Shout to J Reese and studio 1515.

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