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“Tidal” Embraced By The SE 360 Music Festival: Your Music May Already Be Distributed If….

As the entrepreneur mogul Jay-z has acquired the streaming service, you’ve probably heard a lot of talk recently about the latest service called TIDAL, which offers :

* high-fidelity sound quality (yes, hi-fi streaming)

* high-def music videos, and…

*  curated editorial content

The SE 360 Music Festival embraces the changes in the music industry as all should be properly compensated for their work. We appreciate the fact that it’s partially owed by Jay Z, who threw a launch party for TIDAL with appearances by Madonna, Alicia Keys, Kanye, and lots of other big names.

Subscribers can access TIDAL’s catalog in high-fidelity for $19.99/month. There’s also a $9.99/month tier for subscribers who don’t need the high-quality audio.

If you’re currently distributing your music to music streaming services via CD Baby, your music will also be available on TIDAL. If you’re about to sign up a new album or single, they will distribute it to TIDAL so your fans can access your music in high-quality streaming audio!

Note: if you look at the “delivery history” section of your CD Baby members account, you may see a TIDAL delivery date from a while back. That delivery date was actually for WiMP, which was acquired and replaced by TIDAL (which is why they may already have your music in their catalog).


What are your thoughts on the shift of power from the major labels to the artist?

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