The SE 360 Music Festival Collaborate With Military Angel Funds To Bring An Extraordinary Cause To The Forefront

The SE 360 Music Festival  connects with the community!!

The Military Angel Fund”

“Military Angel Funds”

“The Human Wall For Fallen Soldiers”


We are excited to announce our latest “Community Enrichment Sponsorship”. The SE 360 Music Festival embraces The Military Angel Fund”. The community enrichment military donation platform accepts donations from individuals passionate about helping the families of enlisted military soldiers during their deployments, training, and other times away from their families.

Event coming June 27th, 2015. 


The origins of the non-profit organization developed when a family did not have money to travel for a soldier graduating from basic training. The passion from Monica Thomas about this issue was surreal.

The Military Angel Fund also teamed up with another non-profit by the name of the “Human Wall of Fallen Soldier”. “Art off The Wall” also has contributed to cause with a building for the even coming up June 27th 2015. 


Why Donation?

Monica Thomas further describes the intricacies of both organizations an their impact on the community of the world. Standing for honor, standing for morals, standing for our country brings fortitude to our great nation. The strong that protect our country should be honored in their presence and absence. She describes the importance of focus of each soldier as they engage in their military duties. If a soldier is worried about their family paying the light bill, the distraction could be deadly.

Stand with us as the two non-profit organizations prepares for their latest engagement to raise funds for a veteran who lost his his best friend, the mother of his kids, his one and only wife to cancer. Every donations counts and every share reflect the strength in our great country.


Your efforts will not be un-noticed. Listen to the foxhole podcast for further details concerning this engagement.

Visit Below to Donate


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