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Beautiful Monster

Beautiful Monster



Formed in 2011 in a bedroom in Southport, NC. Just a mic, lyrics, a computer, and a dream. Christian & Law had the dream to spread a message to the world. Peace, Love, and Anarchy. With the raw lyricism of MGK or Kendrick Lamar with a punk rock side. We refuse to be nailed down to one Genre. We rap on dubstep, rock, trap, anything we can write to. So come on, join the movement. Stay strong, keep fighting!

 Interview Questions

  1. What is up with you as an artist right now? How long have you been creating your art work?

Right now, i’m working on an album called “Knockout” set to release in the fall. I’m gonna be playing festivals and shows all summer and making music for you guys to love. I’ve been writing since I was 13, and started recording at 15 in 2011.

  1. What makes you worthy to be on stage at the SE 360 Music Festival?

I believe I bring a very lyrical, dynamic,and different sound in rap. I’m not a gangster or anything like that.. I’m   just an artist trying to move people with my music.

  1. What is your biggest challenge as an artist, and how can the SE 360 Music Festival help you reach your goals?

The biggest challenge I face as an artist is trying to stand out in an over saturated rap market. I think this awesome festival will give me the exposure to people i’m really trying to reach. With this being a Anti-Violence event, I jumped to be apart of it. We need to come together in this city and create some positive buzz in Hip Hop, and in the community.

  1. Can you elaborate on your MC name, how that came to be?

Beautiful Monster is basically a movement. It’s a family of friends and people to support each other. We are all Beautiful and Unique in our own ways, but we all have demons and monster’s we deal with. We are all equal, we are all Beautiful Monster’s

5. Who directed your video and how much input did you have in that part?

We’ve just released a single called “Redemption” and did a world premiere on @ThaIndieSpot and we hope to do a video for it real soon. Actually, we hope to do some really cool videos coming up to let y’all a little more inside of our everyday.

6.      Are you working on an album right now; can you tell us anything about what that album might entail?

My album “Knockout” is my newest project. I’ve got a bunch of fan songs, and bangers, and crazy things. I actually wrote a song on my mixtape called “Drunken Love Story”. It’s about this alcoholic character that falls in love with a hooker. He wants her so bad she gets afraid and runs away. At the end of the song he’s drinking and driving, and the cops are behind him. You hear a gun shot, a swerve, and a crash…but there’s more to the story on this album. My die hard peeps love the idea so far. I try to add diversity into my albums because I don’t wanna be nailed down to one genre.

7. Will you continue to touch on “real life” issues?

I will always rap about real life. This rap is me getting stress or anger or hurt off my chest. It’s just poetry to a beat. People can relate or it makes them realize they’ll be okay and I only started making music to help people.

8. Can we expect to see you with any major features for your project or in the future in general?

“I’d love to get my bro Leedy back into the studio and we work. He did my two hardest tracks with me “Reckless” and “Am I A Psycho (Remix)”. He’s just a talented lyricist, composer, producer, and just an overall talented artist. I also got some really cool collaborations coming up on this next album.”

9. Will you be performing anywhere in the next two months?

 We’re lining up shows and things now, but we know that August 23rd we will be BACK in Richmond, VA this time to play the Stardom Mega Festival! For tickets, email It will be not just hip hop but all kinds of talent from all over the world. You WON’T wanna miss this.

10. If you had one song for the people to check out from you, besides, your hottest, it would be? And why?

 Probably Illusion


 Look Alive


off my mixtape. Both songs just show a different, unique side of me. 

11. Where can the people find you at online?

Twitter: @OffiBMonster 






Website: offibmonster


12. Do you have any last shout outs for us?

Shout out to WordLife Entertainment and 3rdStepStudios for putting me in a position to be able to do what I love and Ike Ellis for recommending me for this festival. I’d also like to thank Mark Lopez, Samantha Lee Horne, Law Willis, Kahlil Ragip, Amy Lee Morris, Donzelle Foster, David Malachi, and Duane Lamb who are all promoting and helping us succeed.