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Big Love


I was born and raised in Monticello , Arkansas . Growing Up , Music was everything to me. When I was 8 I had a dream of being on stage and performing . My dream was to do my music on 106&park on Wild Out Wednesday but coming from a family that’s not as financially stable as the rest , everything I wanted to do was put on hold . I had to earn money to get what I wanted. I started writing at 9 while I would listen to Jamie Foxx And Neyo to help with my vocals and writing skills and styles . I listen to female singers too like Beyoncé , Nicki minaj, Rihanna but I tend to flock toward the male singers like Trey Songz, Chris Brown, and August Alsina . I listen and vibe to R&B , Hip Hop , Rap , and pop. What I wrote determined how I felt or what I was going through. Personally, I am as the world would say ‘Lesbian’ or ‘Gay’ , but I say I am what I am and I like what I like.
When I graduated Monticello High School , I attended The University Of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with a Mass Communication Major . Now I am not currently in school but my next big move is to move to Atlanta and go to SAE Institue of Technology because If it ain’t about Music I’m not Interested.
Twitter Name: @_ImBoutItBoutIT

1. As an artist right now my career is basically starting . Nothing major is really going on right now. I do the usual any come up artist is doing like shows and ect. I’ve been writing music since I was 9 but I started recording when I turned 15.
2. I feel like I can perform just as well as the next. Having a passio for this music everybody has a common goal and that is To Be Heard. I want everyone to be able to listen to my music and relate to it and enjoy it.
3. My biggest challenge right is getting people to take at least 5 minutes to listen to my music. I might be just another link under your post or something but if it was you asking me to check something out that worked hard on it . You wouldn’t like if I ignored it or deleted it. I believe that SE 360 Musical festival will help me get noticed by more than just my surrounding cities
4.Chuck-V , Jazzy J, & Sush Montana
5. Roshonda Ferrell(Mother) Jazzmine Williams (sister) Jennifer Barnhill(Other Mom) Janea Barnhill(Friend) Chloe Fenison(Cousin)
6. Big Love? That Name came from college , Me and a couple girls were in my dorm room and we were playing around Freestyling and everything and They were saying their stage names and I didn’t have one . Because in high school my name was Lady T and I was changing it so out of no where when it was time for me to say my name the first thing that came out was Big Love and it stuck wit me ever since then.
7. Well I currently don’t have any videos , I’m actually teaching myself how to do all the video editing and everything but as far as my hottest track , I wouldn’t know which precise one to talk about because I handful of people that like certain songs and they are all out there about the same amount . The song that I started pushing real hard Is called ‘Ion Love These Hoes ‘ that song I well like by both girls and dudes . It talks about both perspectives of why females and males don’t love hoes. Check the link out
8. I don’t have any current videos
9. Right Now , No I’m not working on an album I’m actually working on a mixtape right now calle MeMyself&Music and basically on this mixtape you’re going to receive a little piece of a lot of things that I’ve went through and it all resulted in me going to music and music being here for me and every situation .
10. Yes , everything that I write about I’ve ether been through , witnessed , know about , was taught , gave advice for . Everything is real From the Good Times , To the Heart Breaks , To The Beef. just Everything.
11. For this Mixtape probably not , but I’m the future I sure hope so because that’s what I’m going for.
12. My Cousin Chuck-V who is also an artist
13. Yes, I actually have a couple performances in Pine Bluff , Ark Feb. 21 and Little Rock , Ark March 11
14. It would be my remix to Dej Loafs Me You and Hennessy , because when you decide to do a remix to an artists song you have to make sure you go hard like it should have been originally yours and that’s what I did and I know a lot of people that enjoy that track. I’m still trying to get Dej Loaf to hear it
15. Check out my SoundCloud : BigLoveEnt
Twitter : @_ImBoutItBoutIT
Facebook: Tysheona Gettingmine Ferrell
SnapChat : Lyrically_vocal
16. ShoutOut To My Haters That’s Trying to Keep Me Down. ShoutOut To My Moms For Being a Supporters , Shoutout To All My Supporters Of Course . Shout Out To God Fah The Skills, Abilities, and Oppurtunities . Shout Out yo my daddy may he R.I.P "</p