CailinSoGood | SE 360 Music Festival



Cailin Goodman is 18 years old and currently lives in Wilmington, NC. She grew up in Fayetteville NC and is now a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. She is very passionate about R&B, hip-hop, and rap music and is inspired by artists such as Beyonce, Mila J, and Nicki Minaj. She aspires to be a well-known recording artist and dreams of performing her own songs in front of many people.

Throughout her childhood she scored lead roles in many musicals at her local theater and participated in many talent shows. Her experience with performing in front of people is extensive, including open mic nights and talent shows. She has grown to be very comfortable singing in front of large and small audiences and is very confident in her abilities as a singer. Cailin also has a lot of experience dancing and loves to perform. As a child she took hip hop and lyrical dance classes and is very coordinated when it comes to dance and performance.

Cailin has just recently recorded her first song “Flaunit It” with Leroy Moody in Wilmington and it can be viewed under the artist name of as cailin_so_good on SoundCloud. While working hard in college she is also working hard towards her music career and hopes to make her dreams a reality.

Interview Questions:
1. I am currently working on a project with Leroy Moody and just dropped my first single a few days ago. I have been expressing my talents professionally only since August 2014 but I have been singing and performing my whole life.
2. I believe I am worthy of performing at the 360 music festival because I am passionate about my singing and speaking to people though music. Performing is my first love and I am also a very hardworking and respectable artist.
3. The biggest challenge as any indie/underground artist is exposure and getting in front of the right people, this is where SE 360 music festival can help me majorly.
4. Kid Hendrix, Jeff B, Freddie G.
5. Everyone from UNCW has been big supporters so they are all welcome and Robin, Leroy, Freddie G, Jeff B, my family, and my close friends.
6. My stage name, CailinSoGood is a mixture of creativity with my legal name. Cailin is my first name and I wanted to keep that in my stage name, Goodman is my last name, and my friends thought of cailinsogood as a combination. We played with it for awhile but then it just stuck!
7.My hottest song OUT right now is Flaunt It. Leroy Moody created the beat and we just worked in the studio from there to make it a hit that could be relatable to all females. We call it the “ladies anthem” often! I would love to create a music video for this song but working on other songs in the studio right now is my first priority.
8. n/a
9. I am working on one other single currently and there are plenty more to come, when the album is put together I am not sure what the title will be or how it will even end up, so only time will tell!
10. I definitely do want to make my next song in this project with Moody about a subject everyone can relate to, and something that will appeal to the masses.
11. I can’t say exactly any names but I have a few local artists in mind and another from my hometown, Fayetteville, that I could possibly do a collaboration with in the near future!
12. Leroy Moody baby!
13. Actually, I am performing at something called Dub Idol at UNCW. It’s a mock up of American Idol for the students and is very competitive. Attendance is estimated at 900 people, so I am looking forward to that big time. February 11th at 8 pm is the date!
14. Check out Flaunt It right now and just wait on more music to come!
15.The first two places people would want to look me up is Soundcloud (cailin_so_good) and Instagram (cailinn_elizabeth). Facebook (Cailin Goodman) and Twitter (@celizabeth2014) work as well!
16. Shoutout to Leroy, he’s done a lot for me and he is a very respectable hard-working producer! Also shoutout to Robin at Vibes-Live Radio, she did my very first radio interview and gave me a lot of encouragement and great advice.