Cayenne The Lion King | SE 360 Music Festival

Cayenne The Lion King

  Hip Hop Emcee, Reggae, DJ

Born: 31 October 1972

Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia

Best known as: Cayenne, Black Lion, Lion King


Cayenne’s Bio

Artist Cayenne the Lion King created his name from the spice cayenne pepper because anything it touches it enhances, a Lion because of it’s Heart and a King to represent Royalty.


Born in Atlanta, Georgia his love of music began with his father Willie Lemons Jr., who opened up for such greats as Otis Redding. At age of 8, Cayenne made his first record with his father. The musical vibes run even deeper in lineage, as his grandfather, Willie Lemons was a ghostwriter for Atlantic Records 1963 through 1969. At the age of 17 he relocated to Durham, North Carolina in 1989 and a year later formed the hip hop group “Da Phunke Bushman”, that went on to perform at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York, 1992. On the groups first compilation hip hop album “Jaffilation” , Cayenne penned his first reggae single titled “Spoonful of youth”. From 1994-1996, his notoriety grew as a solo artist performing at well known night clubs and festivals such as The Bimbe, Reggae Sunsplash. He also was chosen to open shows for a variety of artist from hip hop to reggae such as Madlion, KRS1, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, Sizzla, Baby Cham, Tonto Metro and Devonte and Sister Carol. In 1996 he surfaced as the hottest reggae DJ/Selecta in North Carolina on the campus of North Carolina Central University’s WNCU 90.7fm radio station for 11yrs. He was also at this time one of the top promoters with his movement he founded in 1990 called Black Lion Sound, bringing top name artist like Bounty Killa, Wayne Wonder, Red Rat, Red Fox, Sister Carol, Ward 21, Assassin, Wayne Marshall, Sluggy Ranks, Devone Clark, Grindsman, Lutan Fyah, Akinyele, Yung One, and many more until today. He then launched one of the hottest underground reggae mixtape series in the south titled “Reggae Blaze” named after his radio show. While developing and perfecting his skills as a promoter and businessman, he established some of the hottest night clubs in the Triangle Area namely, The Palace, Expressions, Que 2000, The Lion’s Den, Lucky’s, The Bounce Bar Lounge and Club Bounce that went on to be featured in Vibe Magazines’ November 2004 issue. He subsequently released his independent singles and videos for “Toss ya drinkz up” and “Shake your Cowbell”.He then put out his underground hip hop freestyle mixtapes called “Firewater” while working with his longtime friend, producer and engineer King James II, who has received Gold and Platinum Records from working with Juilez Santana, Keisha Cole, Biggie, Big Daddy Kane, Kelly Price, Sean “P-Diddy ” Combs and more. Throughout the years he is still exciting his fans with raw spontaneity and an authentic love for Roots and Culture influencing Life and Lyrics, such as touring in the states with Anthony Leonard Pierre and Legendary Trumpeter Bobby Ellis. He’s currently returning to the underground scene working by on two albums “Warrior Music” and “The Voice. Presently on Warrior Music Tour on the East coast.

Cayenne’s Interview Question


  1. What is going on with you as an artist right now? How long have you been creating your art work, expressing your talents?

 1. Working on double album. Side 1- Hip Hop Side 2- Reggae. Been expressing talents since 8 years old.

  1. What makes you worthy to be on stage at the SE 360 Music Festival?

 2. I am worthy because I use my consciousness to help the community through positive lyrics and actions.

  1. What is your biggest challenge as an artist, and how can the SE 360 Music Festival help you reach your goals?

 3. National distribution and exposure.

  1. Send us three artists who you may think would like to participate in the festival next year!

 4.  Krs-1, Busta Rhymes, Slick Rick

  1. Name five true fans you would love to come to see you at the festival!

 5. My Pops, Grandfather, Grandmother, My brother in Atl., and my producer


  1. Can you elaborate on your stage name, how that came to be?

 6. Name from the spice cayenne pepper because anything it touches it enhances, a Lion because of it’s Heart and a King to represent Royalty. Came about from my personality.


  1. Can you speak on your hottest song and video right now?

 7. Hottest song is my title track “Warrior Music”. Video isn’t done for it as of yet.

  1. Who directed your video and how much input did you have in that part?

 8. Don’t have recent video as of now.

9.      Are you working on an album right now; can you tell us anything about what that album might entail?

 9. Double album: Warrior Music- Conscious Hip Hop with melodic boombap beats. The Voice- Conscious island music with a touch of Soul. Both albums with a Positive message.

10. Will you continue to touch on “real life” issues?

 10. Always

11. Can we expect to see you with any major features for your project or in the future in general?

 11. Indeed. A lot of foundation artists.

12. Who did the production for your hottest track?

 12. Myself and King James II

13. Will you be performing anywhere in the next two months?

 13. Yes. Somewhere Else Tavern Greensboro, RALAK Festival Mebane, Smokin Grooves Raleigh, Apache Cafe Atlanta, Durham Armory Durham


14. If you had one song for the people to check out from you, besides, your hottest, it would be? And why?

 14. Nat Turner. Because of it’s Rebellious metaphors.

15. Where can the people find you at online?,,


16. Do you have any last shout outs for us?

16. Bless up for creating a Positive outlet for Independent artist and giving vision to a community