Electionsure | SE 360 Music Festival


Electionsure Bio

ElectionSure is truly a group that only comes around once in a blue moon. ElectionSure is a music ministry based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. The members consist of Chris Sims, Jamelle Grant, Wesley Davidson and Felecity Havens. This dynamic group uses their ability and music as an evangelical tool to spread the gospel, never allowing anything to interfere with there divine purpose. Always placing ministry before music this group leads there audience through a spiritual journey; a transformation that can only be initiated by the Holy Spirit. This anointed trio lets there listener know that they never stopped dancing; they just dance to a different beat.This group of young men and lady, writes, record, produce and distributes all of their material. ElectionSure adds a special element of charisma to all of their performances due to the fact that every song is accompanied by a choreographed dance routine. Countless times crowds have literally gotten so excited that they started jumping up and down.

Instantly listening to there music, you feel they are taking back everything the devil ever stole from them including their generation. In addition, all are active members in their church community, not just talking about it but walking in their anointing. Their name ElectionSure comes from the Book of 2 Peter Chapter 1 verse 10 which states, “Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and ELECTION SURE: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall.