IKE ELLIS | SE 360 Music Festival



With certified grind efforts IKE ELLIS has a  collection    of names such as; the king of Karolina, IKE ELLIS the mule, and IKE ELLIS the savior. The music has been described by listeners as an enigma considering the different rhyme flows and complicated rhyme cadence from song to song. The sound is heavenly influence by styles of the great Tupac Shakur. Artists such as Pastor troy, UGK, OUTKAST, and TI heavily influence the style of Rap as a lyrical southern artist.With the momentum building and the passion for the music still burning, IKE ELLIS has managed to rediscover the ambition for the music grind once more. The Carolina born and raised artist, from Pender county North Carolina, started making hip hop music in 2004 while attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Making music evolved from a hobby to an addiction and escalated into a lifestyle. Music is the therapy, the comforter, the vehicle in this cold world of today, which is constantly evolving thru the dedication.

Currently, the “Maximum Exposure” tour has been developed for IKE ELLIS to acquire more fans in different areas of the country. With over 20,000 total views on YOUTUBE, the target audience is being reached in all areas of the world. Africanrise, a non-profit organization, has single handedly placed the IKE ELLIS brand in the middle of Africa. Ike continues to increase his following and fans base with substantial plays in North Carolina, Georgia, New York, and Pennsylvania. Projects such as the “please rewind” mix tape and the “unload” mix tape have been downloaded digitally over 4000 times from DatPiff.com and other mix tape hosting site. All the excitement around Ike Ellis and his music has fans waiting with anticipation for the “Cornbread” album to release. BIGG B, the program director of Coast 97.3, described Ike’s music as “thought provoking and relevant” and “he also explains that Ike Ellis has one of the most impeccable grinds that he has ever seen from a local artist”.

Performing on the same stages as SLICK RICK, Dougie Fresh, Travis Porter, JadaKiss, Mr. Cheeks and countless other North Carolina artists, the skills as a performer builds with each show. IKE ELLIS captivates the audiences with an exceptional stage presence. Ike Ellis coins North Carolina as “the land of the under rated lyricist” bottom-line.  The love for the music overshadows all obstacles presented and constantly motivates Ike Ellis to continue to turn the dream into a reality.