Jasmine Nicole | SE 360 Music Festival

Jasmine Nicole

Jasmine Nicole

America’s SweetHeart

Aspiring Model , Radio host, Blogger, Executive producer of ” Ear To The Streets” & the face / spokeswoman of Robinlynne Productions & Mad Capitol Records


My name is Jasmine Wilborne. I am 23 years of age. Born in Baltimore , raised in North Carolina. I’ve always thought about modeling but never knew how to go about it. I am currently in school for Cosmetology and intend on going back for photography so that I may attain the dream of being able to model and work behind the scenes with other models. There is no plan B for me , I have a burning desire to model and know if given the chance I will make my mark.

Model Interview Questions 

  1. What is going on with you as a model right now? How long have you been expressing your talents as a model?

 1. As of now as a model , I am waiting to schedule a photo shoot with CNC photography . I have little experience but I’m a fast learner.

  1. What makes you worthy to be SE 360 Music Festival model?

 2. I believe I am worthy to be a SE 360 music festival model because I’ve been awaiting the proper opportunity for positive exposure and if given the chance I will not disappoint.

  1. What is your biggest challenge as a model, and how can the SE 360 Music Festival help you reach your goals?

 3. My biggest fear as a model is overcoming my sometime shyness. SE 360 music festival can help me reach that goal by helping me build my self-confidence.

  1. Send us three models contact who you may think would like to participate in the festival!


Constance Hobley

Jewel Williams

Kerrissa Carter


  1. Can you elaborate on your how you started modeling?

 I modeled for Children’s Place fashion show when I was 9. For a while I explored other options but all of them lead me right back to modeling ; along with teachers , family and friends suggesting that I should pursue it. The right opportunity was just never presented.


  1. Can you speak on a great photographer you worked with?

 A friend of mine Andrew Richardson did a few test shoots but I have never had a professional photo shoot.


  1. Have you been featured in a video, if so send us a link?

 Dru Luv- Paradise ft. Elaine Ramos & P. Grant [Music Video]



9.      Are you working on any major projects, fashion shows, etc..?



10. Will you continue to do community service?



11. Tell us some great experiences as model, or horror stories?  Wardrobe malfunctions?



12. If you could, be a model or actress, which would you do first?



13. Do you have any last shout outs for us?

No 🙂