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Leroy Moody

Leroy Moody

Wilmington, NC

Leroy Moody is a very talented producer, song writer and artist from Wilmington, NC. His music is based off of moments, feelings, successes, struggles and inspirations throughout his personal life and environment as a man. He uses sounds and words to paint pictures without gimmicks, just true emotion into every track from him to you. With the ability to speak on everything from A-Z such as love and lust, pain and happiness, the streets and God, he brings music everyone can relate to. He has been sculpting and perfecting his love and craft for music since he was a little boy. He would record himself beat boxing and rapping on his fathers boom box, express his thoughts through spoken word poetry in school and was also the drummer for his church. Today, Leroy Moody posses a talent unlike any other with a strong and dynamic delivery and lyrical flow that is complimented by his unmatched creativity and hard hitting production. Keep your eyes and ears tuned for what the future of music brings, and that is Leroy Moody baby!



  1. What is going on with you as an artist right now? How long have you been creating your art work, expressing your talents?

Lately I’ve been more focused on the production side of what I do. I’ve been involved in art for as long as I can remember. From writing poetry, songs, rapping, playing the drums… It’s always been a part of me.


  1. What makes you worthy to be on stage at the SE 360 Music Festival?

Because I feel I’m HOT! Lol! I have something to say and a passion to express that the people need to hear.


  1. What is your biggest challenge as an artist, and how can the SE 360 Music Festival help you reach your goals?

The biggest challenge for me is getting my music out there… to the people who want real music, and to the people that can play it for them. I can make music in my sleep, but without people or an avenue that is willing to support your movement you get nowhere. The SE 360 Music Festival can help by introducing new fans to Leroy Moody


  1. Send us three artists who you may think would like to participate in the festival next year!

Three artists… I can do better and bring you a city that’s hungry and full of talent!


  1. Name five true fans you would love to come to see you at the festival!

To pick names wouldn’t be fair to the rest… So I would like to see all true fans of my music that can make it there.



  1. Can you elaborate on your stage name, how that came to be?

I dropped the stage name a long time ago, now I just go by my name which is Leroy Moody. The change came through personal growth… So when you hear Leroy Moody I want you to understand that there are no gimmicks involved, what I talk about is 100% real to me… So no nick name and image to go along, I’m fly enough just being me.



  1. Can you speak on your hottest song and video right now?

I would say my hottest song at the moment is a track on a project I’m currently working on called “Olay.” Basically, it’s a song about avoiding money hungry females… OLAY! As far as the video, it’s for a song from my last album “Life Music” titled “Better Days” featuring Kevin Lawrence. In that song I’m talking about real emotions and struggles I went through in life, but I know better days are coming.



  1. Who directed your video and how much input did you have in that part?

A good friend of mine and very talented man named John Birchall directed my video. All of my ideas are in the video. He did an amazing job of merging his own personal artistic desires in with mine. If he wasn’t away working on a film out of state, I would definitely work with him again and refer anyone else to work with him.


Check Better Days Here

9.      Are you working on an album right now; can you tell us anything about what that album might entail?

Everything on this album I’m currently working on that you will hear is Leroy Moody… The beats, the lyrics, everything including the mix. This album is more geared towards the female audience, but it will be full of material EVERYONE can rock with. This came to be through interaction with some fans that truly support my music… They all said they loved the fact that I never degrade women in my music, and asked that I make something for the women that listen to more than just a beat…So this is for them… I’ll take a few ears that will listen and keep me in their playlist and support, over many that wont any day. So expect Hot beats, FIRE lyrics and delivery, and songs you can turn up to in the club or the bedroom! And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a few tracks to inspire you or force you to think, so stay tuned!



  1. Will you continue to touch on “real life” issues?

Of course… Music can touch people in ways nothing else can… So the ability to touch on real life issues for an artist like me is necessary, because people are drawn to what is real especially if they can relate. If it’s true and they can’t relate, they can still feel it because I’m putting real emotion on the track. Some people just want to know they’re not the only one going through things, and some people need their eyes opened to what others are going through… Music is ministry.


11. Can we expect to see you with any major features for your project or in the future in general?

Every feature on my project will be a hot local artist. In the future, who know…


12. Who did the production for your hottest track?

I produced EVERY track on my project, that’s what I do! Leroy Moody baby!


13. Will you be performing anywhere in the next two months?

I had a few performances lined up that I had to cancel. My career outside of independent music prevents me from being able to accept a lot of those opportunities.


14. If you had one song for the people to check out from you, besides, your hottest, it would be? And why?

It’s kind of hard to pick one song because I have multiple songs with messages I would like for people to hear, so I need at least two! “Better Days” for the people needing encouragement through lifes struggles, and “Love Yourself” for the woman that may need to hear that strong message.


15. Where can the people find you at online?

You can stay in touch with me personally  on facebook under Leroy Moody,

Twitter @leroymoodync and

Intsagram @leroymoody.

You can check out some of my music at www.reverbnation.com/leroymoody and www.soundcloud.com/leroymoody. If you ever forget, look up LEROY MOODY!



16. Do you have any last shout outs for us?

First I have to thank God for this talent which is the reason for the interview. I can’t forget my number one fans that I wake up to every morning that will tell me if they think something is whack real quick, love yall! Shout out to my S.O.U.L. Studio and Monumental Music fam. To the other talented artist in my city Wilmington, NC a.k.a. Port City, don’t sleep! Last but not least, all of my fans and supporters. If you’ve ever rocked with me on stage, bought the album, spread the word and put other people on to what I do, thank you.