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Lil Mocha

Lil Mocha is a female rap artist from Columbus, Ohio, with a sexy, hardcore,rapcore style. As she was growing up; music was around her. Her mom always had family gatherings playing music and Mocha would get in the middle of the floor and start dancing. Her family knew she was going to be a star or someone famous.At an early age she developed a passion for free styling and battle rapping. She was a fan of Foxy Brown and Lil Kim; but since she partially grew up in the West Coast her style was more gangsta rap.
After her divorce she started writing her lyrics and slowed down free styling. She felt she can be more versatile while writing, because she can concentrate on making songs that are effective. She enjoys performing in front of an audience and writing songs. She was inspired by the female pioneers in the rap game.; Salt N Pepa, Monie Love, Da Brat Yo-Yo, Lil Kim, and Foxy Brown. She had a lot of things
holding her back in the past; but as for now; she’s ready to take her music to the next level.


SE 360 Music Festival

Initial Interview Questions

  1. What is going on with you as an artist right now? How long have you been creating your art work, expressing your talents?

Right now I have 2 singles out, one song named “Boi Shorts” and the other song “Left II Right. I wanted to change “Left II Right” to an R&B Alternative genre. I wanted to show the many sounds I create by just the style of the beat.

I been writing for a long time. In 2010, I started been very serious to my art that it became a craft. I couldn’t just put out anything. Rehearsal is a big factor for me.

  • What makes you worthy to be on stage at the SE 360 Music Festival?

I feel my music just wont reach one particular genre. I develop many styles from the brand and sound of the music. SE 360 Music Festival deserves the best on the stage; an artist that’s familiar with performing and interacting. On the stage I’m an artist, off the stage I’m professional. 

  • What is your biggest challenge as an artist, and how can the SE 360 Music Festival help you reach your goals?

The biggest challenge in being an artist such as myself is I’m my own Boss, so therefore the videos’, beats,studio time, copyrights are coming out of one person’s pocket. Especially when there’s the lively hood of bills. My biggest focus is performing in front of a huge crowd. After I perform, I guarantee that my performance will be a eye catcher. 360 Music Festival can help me reach my goals by making it possible adding me onto the roster.

  1. Send us three artists who you may think would like to participate in the festival next year!

Marquis Koran, Ci Dubb, and Mook Da Star 

  1. Name five true fans you would love to come to see you at the festival!

Sterling Saffold, Bido, Raven Kapone, Mizery, and Khloe


  • Can you elaborate on your stage name, how that came to be?

I was named Lil Mocha by one of my friends name Fred. He told me because of style was and my character is broad in a hardcore and sexy way. Of course I’m short so that’s where the “Lil” came from.

  • Can you speak on your hottest song and video right now?

My hottest song right now is “Boi Shorts”

Feat.DaKidTrack. This song has a different riddled style of melody combined with Midwest and South style.

The hottest video that I’m working on is “HUSTLA” Feat.Maar Lee and Marquis Koran. This song has ways of how a hustla is defined. The video has a storyboard thatkeep you motivated.

  1. Who directed your video and how much input did you have in that part?

Mook Da Star from Money Planes ViZion directed the video, but I put the storyboard and my idea of my location of where it to be recorded at.

9. Are you working on an album right now; can you tell us anything about what that album might entail?

Right now I’m just working on singles and videos for the singles. I do have a mixtape out called “4 Seasons” hosted by DJ QuestGH from Ghana. In the Spring of 2015 I will be giving updates of my upcoming album.

  1. Will you continue to touch on “real life” issues?

Definitely, I have a song that I will be shooting

a video for in the near future called”Deadbeat”. It’s not only towards men it’s towards women that are deadbeats.

11. Can we expect to see you with any major features for your project or in the future in general?

I havent put so much thought in it, because to get the artist Iwould like feature on any of my songs will COST…lol

12. Who did the production for your hottest track?

SFRBeats produced my single “Boi Shorts” and

“Left II Right”. I work with several otherproducers; like Weatherman beatz, Silins beats &Jonny Benjamin from KZR Beatz. My upcoming

project I’m working with more producers.

13. Will you be performing anywhere in the next two months?

Not until April 2015. I will be featured in other indie artist and songs.

14. If you had one song for the people to check out from you, besides, your hottest, it would be? And why?

It’s this short song I done and I made it as one of my promotional show videos. I felt this song had different character in it.

Lil Mocha - Kick The Door

15. Where can the people find you at online?

Go to my FaceBook page at

16. Do you have any last shout outs for us?

First of all I like to thank SE 360 Music Festival for giving me a chance to work with them. I would like to thank all my fans, friends, and supporters that continue to believe in my dream. It takes hard work and dedication, and I’m ready.