Preddy Boy P | SE 360 Music Festival

Preddy Boy P

East Coast, upcoming artist, Preddy Boy P was taught by the streets even though his grandmother had to raise him.  At the age of 13, he lost his mother to domestic violence.  This became his motivation to push his life story into the streets and for his struggle to be heard. He was raised in the hood and overcame the spiraling life of gun fire and drug dealing.  Being in the streets since the age of 13, Preddy Boy has encountered many obstacles and experienced many different situations.   After graduating high school, he decided there was more to life than being stuck in the trap; so with his street smarts, left North Carolina to pursue his artistic career.   His journey began on the west coast as a 20 year old, a homeless man with a dream.  He started only with basics of survival which he learned growing up in the streets and literally climbed the independent charts to becoming one of North Carolina’s top independent artist.  With hits like “Streets Taught Me”, “Navigation”, and single “Trap Fiend” from his upcoming album TRAP FIEND, his career has rocketed. His first CD ITCHY PALM$ is a success on ITunes and underground circulation. On July 4, 2014, he released his second CD, ITCHY PALM$ 2 featuring PHILTHY RICH, POOH HEFNER, AND HITMAN BEATZ; Including hits like “I can be that” and “Funny n***as”, Preddy Boy P showed that he has dimensions to his artistic ability.

With shows in various places such as San Diego, The Bay Area, and multiple places on the East Coast, Preddy Boy P still has time to give back to his community, and not forgetting where he came from.  In the video shoot “Trap Fiend”, he included all his childhood friends and family from his neighborhood and hosted a community cookout.  Preddy Boy P is determined to put his neighborhood on the map and make a name for his city.  He also has a passion to give to charitable organizations that help women and children who are victims of domestic violence.  He hopes that no other family will ever have to experience the same pain he experienced with the loss of his mother and wants to be a great inspiration for those lost in poverty, and those going through the struggle. Preddy Boy P is in the process of putting his third cd out soon which will feature artist such as Jim Jones and many more.