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Sara Shine

Sara Shine BIO –

Born in Visalia, CA and raised in Los Osos, CA. R&B singer/songwriter Sara Shine has been on her grind independently writing and releasing 7 of her own CD’s over the last few years. Four of those CD’s were released under the stage name Sara S. Titled “Just 4 You” released in 1999, “Enter My World” released in 2001, The New Beginning” released in 2006, Sugar & Soul” released in 2008, along with 3 of her latest CD’s released under her newer stage name Sara Shine titled “After the Rain” released in 2011, Step It Up” released in 2013, and “Shine Hard” released in 2014, all of which have mainly been distributed overseas in Japan, France, London, Brazil and the U.S. with independent distribution. Sara has featured on and written hooks for over 350 different independent rap and R&B projects released in the underground hip-hop market. In the midst of her hard work and dedication, Sara has created a solid fan base in her hometown 805 area code, up to the Bay area, and down to Los Angeles where she has performed at many concert venues throughout her career, including the Greek Theatre and The Gibson Amphitheater. Sara is solidified in the streets as one of the hardest working female artists in the state of California! She has written and arranged the majority of the songs on all 7 of her solo albums and has been writing and arranging songs for various artists for over 15 years. Sara moved to Los Angeles in 2008 and has been making some major moves and is extremely passionate to show the world her melodic voice and heartfelt songs. As soon as Sara arrived in Los Angeles, she landed a regular gig at B.B. Kings in Hollywood every Saturdaynight, got a waitressing job at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, and began hustling her CD’s at night on Hollywood Blvd. with just herself and her CD player. The definition of a true hustler! Soon after she was chosen to sing backup for Ricky Fante of Virgin Records and toured Italy as his solo backup vocalist. She then toured as an opening act for oldies legend Brenton Wood where together they would perform a duet that she wrote for the both of them titled “Sweet Memories”. Sara Shine has opened for artists such as Chaka Khan, James Brown, Mya, Wu-Tang Klan, KC & JoJo, The Gap Band, Morris Day & The Time to name a few. With strong gospel roots and a deep love for soul music, along with many endured hardships and life experience, Sara Shine is often referred to as “The Truth” and is sure to make you feel her words when you hear her records. Obtaining a large catalog of personally written songs, Sara is ready for the next level! She is currently performing at many Los Angeles night clubs while promoting her most recent album “SHINE HARD” and performing her latest single “The Truth” off of her highly anticipated EP “Just Sara” releasing in early 2015. You can download her new single and all 7 solo albums !! Sara has recently came out featuring on mixtapes with Bizzy Bone & Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs & Harmony, Kurupt, Ras Kass, battle rapper Philly Swain, Ca$his, Curtis Young (Dr. Dre’s son), Ric Hard, B-Legit, Rappin4Tay, and Spice 1. Please keep your eyes and ears open for this extremely talented artist and songwriter on the rise. Sara Shine… Inspiring hearts and minds with the power of real music. Follow back and check out all her recent music videos



SE 360 Music Festival Initial Interview Questions


  1. What is going on with you as an artist right now? How long have you been creating your art work, expressing your talents?

    I am currently working on my 8th independent solo project and I’ve been creating my art work for 19 years.


  1. What makes you worthy to be on stage at the SE 360 Music Festival?

    I’ve written, recorded and released 7 solo cd’s on my own over the past few years and have opened up for greats such as Chaka Khan, James Brown, Mya, The Gap Band, Cameo, Confunkshun, and Destiny’s Child to name a few. I’ve also written and featured on over 350 hooks for a variety of different independent and mainstream artists in the music industry.


  1. What is your biggest challenge as an artist, and how can the SE 360 Music Festival help you reach your goals?

    My biggest challenge would be expanding my performing territory. I perform mostly in Los Angeles and northern and southern CA., and I’m looking to be seen on stage in more cities across the world.


  1. Send us three artists who you may think would like to participate in the festival next year!

        Amber Sauer, Effie Eglasias, and Parker Pretty.


  1. Name five true fans you would love to come to see you at the festival!

Candace Rettler, Ric Hard, Kitty Karta, Sherrie Sullivan, Aaron Benton


  1. Can you elaborate on your stage name, how that came to be?

I was opening on a tour with the oldies Legend singer Brenton Wood and the old school group The Charelle’s were performing and they told me in the dressing room that I should add Shine on the end of my name because I shined on stage 🙂  So it’s been Sara Shine ever since.


  1. Can you speak on your hottest song and video right now?

My hottest song and video right now is called ‘The Truth”  Its a story about my reality of moving to LA from a small northern CA town and working hard through the struggle of paying my dues as an artist and making a name for myself while waitressing and living out of my car and in downtown skidrow shelters in Los Angeles.


  1. Who directed your video and how much input did you have in that part?

I directed my music video and it was filmed and edited by Devione Hicksbottom out of Los Angeles, CA.


9.     Are you working on an album right now; can you tell us anything about what that album might entail?

Yes I’m working on a new EP titled “Just Sara” that will be releasing in early 2015, release date will be announced soon.  It is an EP full of real songs about life, struggle, love, and real issues that were all facing today, I like to base my songs on true life experiences that touch, heal and uplift the heart.


  1. Will you continue to touch on “real life” issues?

Yes as long as I’m writing and recording music I will always sing about real life issues, thats what pushes me to be a greater artist.


11. Can we expect to see you with any major features for your project or in the future in general?

Yes, I’ve recently came out on mixtapes featuring on hooks for Bizzy Bone and Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs and Harmony, Curtis Young (Dr. Dre’s son), Spice 1, B-Legit, Ras Kass, Kurrupt, Rappin 4 Tay, Philly Swain and Ca$his.


12. Who did the production for your hottest track?

“The Truth” was produced by Knightryda out of Compton, CA.


13. Will you be performing anywhere in the next two months?

Yes I perform at least 6 to 8 times a month, my next performance is at The Brewdog in Beverly Hills on January 7th, 2015.


14. If you had one song for the people to check out from you, besides, your hottest, it would be? And why?

Id tell them to check out “Your Body” on my last solo project I released titled “Shine Hard”. It is a sultry love ballad that is catchy and soulful.


15. Where can the people find you at online?

They can download/purchase all 7 of my cd’s at , ,


16. Do you have any last shout outs for us?

Shout out to every independent artists doing they’re thing! I wish you all success on your climb to your destiny and dreams!