1. What is the SE 360 Music Festival.

The SE comes from being on the South Eastern side of North Carolina. The 360 derives from the mentality of a 360 degree independent type artist. An artist that have all the piece to the puzzle to blow, but lack the exposure to complete the mission. We are a artist development type festival looking to bring exposure, education, and an exceptional experience to artist and business owners.

2.  Where is the festival located?

The festival was founded in the south eastern side of North Carolina, specifically  Wilmington, NC.


3. How do I perform at the SE 360 Music Festival.

Artist do not automatically become a performer at the SE 360 Music Festival. The SE 360 has a board that approves all the sounds coming to the SE 360 Music Festival. Because the festival is bigger than any other independent show around, we have the liberty to be selective on performers. We are not here to just take advantage of artist. We are here to promote, teach, and establish your brand in our region. We have developed relationship with all types of industry executive looking for talent.

  1. You must be a member of the SE 360 website by registering.
  2. Then you submit your music, links to the SE 360 email.
  3. Once the music is approved for our audience by the board the artist pays for an admission fee.
  4. Once the administration  fee is paid, you will receive the Artist Performance Benefits Package.
  5. Become involved in all of the services to ensure you are maximizing your opportunity for success.

4. How can I cover the  event as media or dj involved within the event?

Because we understand the importance of the Media and Deejays to the music industry. We have created deejay passes and media passes. We welcome your attendance as along as you reserve your media two months before the scheduled date of the festival. We need time to process all the passes.

5. When is the SE 360 Music Festival?

The SE 360 Music Festival is schedule for the first weekend of october each year.


6. How can I contact the board?

Visit the  Contact Page.